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Food and Beverage Outlets

Dining with a range of tempting choices and hosting some of the most popular theme evenings in Pokhara. We offers 5  different cuisines in a fine dining concept, all in the same venue with wide range of world finest wine and spirit. The menu ranges Nepalese and Chinese to Indian and Italian to continental, all prepared in its action kitchens, the restaurant consistently delivers a truly memorable dining experience. 

Room Service

Our aim has to be served food and beverage facilities in the guest room.
The Resort boasts of restaurants both indoors and outdoors. The spectacular view of the Himalayan range and the lake makes it a blender of delicious food with scenic beauty. Guests who have stayed with us mention the restaurants as assets of the resort. 
The restaurants serve extensive and delicious cuisine for 16 hours of the day from 6AM to 10PM. The chefs combine international cuisine and local flavours to give a sizzling experience to the taste buds. The cuisine variety ranges from Indian, Chinese to Continental. Our menu has been laid out to suit different people from all over the world. We have made sure that there is something that will suit your taste buds. 
The bar in the indoor restaurant is well stocked with drinks and cocktails of a great variety from all over the world. The bartender mesmerizes the guests with his efficiency to please the guests with drinks to make them feel at home. 
The experienced staff has a smile to help you order and suggest the best of items for the day. All our food is hygienic to the extensive detail and it is made sure that the best of efforts are made to keep the guests happy and healthy. We also organize Cultural programs for guests in the restaurant to bring them closer to the culture of Nepal. 

Food info sections | Eating locally

Food is central to life in Pokhara, and eateries abound. The area near Lakeside North is especially packed with places to eat. Since there isn't much to do after the sun goes down here, social life revolves around the evening meal. Cafes and restaurants become a good place to sit back and relax with friends and swap stories of old treks and make plans for new ones.

The locals, called the Newars, are real connoisseurs and their passion for food is evident in the variety of restaurants a nd cafes here. 
Unlike some of the quieter towns in Nepal, Pokhara offers visitors ample choice of restaurants.

In our Pokhara restaurant guide below you will find information about great places for eating out in Pokhara, the perfect end to a day of shopping at the local markets. You should also check out our Nepal restaurant guide for more general information about the food and cuisine of Nepal.

Food & Cuisine in Pokhara Village Resort

Pokhara Village Resort would like to offers you Different kinds of food around the globe. Where you can have experience with the Nepali Cuisine, Chineses, Indian and continental food has to be served during your stay with great Himalayan views on the restaurant as well as the lake facing views.

Restaurants cuisine to tourists has a standard menu, with an odd mix of foods from places outside Nepal plus local fish cooked in a variety of styles. All Nepalis usually follow a common set of recipes and cooking styles and go by the book, so things can get varied. Also, the food may not be exactly what you thought you ordered, but will be tasty anyway with us.

If you want to have it with eating so called Western food cooked Nepali style, be brave and try the local food in our restaurant as per your requirements.